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Employer Services

In addition to consumer services, IMC also contracts with many companies to provide immediate care and company focused services to employees, including:

Occupational Medicine

Pre-employment screenings, Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and drug/alcohol screenings. Weekend and evening hours provide more flexibility for employees, allowing them to be seen and return to work in a timely manner.

Worker’s Compensation

IMC works closely with businesses to ensure that workers’ compensation procedures are observed and adhered to, coordinates all necessary specialist referrals and remains conscious of OSHA recordable and lost work time.

Urgent Care

IMC provides advantages by saving both the business and employee time and money. Encouraging employees to use immediate care over the ER results in lower co-pays for faster care by a physician-led team. Employers can benefit from lower health insurance premiums when employees utilize IMC, since claims are processed at a lower cost than traditional ER fees.

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