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About IMC

After nearly 30 years of emergency room experience, Dr. Grover D. Hershberger knew that something was broken in the healthcare system. Long wait times, substantial facility fees and rising patient costs at the ER were symptomatic of a larger problem: the gap between the ER and primary care doctors. Where could patients go when they clearly didn’t have a medical emergency, but could not see their family doctor right away?

As area ERs have become overwhelmed — and patients pay the price for non-emergency care in the ER — IMC continues to proudly serve patients of all ages who are in urgent need of quality, affordable medical attention by experienced medical doctors throughout Wichita.

Today, IMC offers Wichita area residents convenient access to healthcare services through locations in east Wichita, west Wichita, and south Wichita/Haysville, providing additional flexibility through extended hours, seven days a week.

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